Take control with our range of hotel booking tools that allows you to make free choices and your managers to keep staff safe, while adhering to company guidelines. Our platform is simple to use and allows access to over 400,000 hotels worldwide so you and your team can stay in the right location, wherever you do business. Continental Pacific takes away the chore of searching for a hotel and comparing prices, freeing your team’s time to do something more productive instead. Not only that – a full range of reports will give you a real-time view of how your company travels and spends.


Let your team choose where they want to stay, while Continental Pacific helps you create a policy that’s right for your business. Our customizable rules set preferred hotels and price limits, split by department or even by individual travellers. Our hotel system is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, so your employees can make and amend their bookings themselves while adhering to travel policy.


Use of Continental Pacific’s hotel tool enables your employees to search for hotels near your corporate locations, avoiding areas that you as a company may feel unsuitable. We can load these into your unique environment as soon as you join us, and if you have specific locations used for projects, perhaps even client locations, we can quickly add these too. Plus, with our extensive reporting tools, find where your staff are staying at any given time with just a few clicks!

Continental Pacific Travel Booking Engine