Australian Passport

Visas are the official authorisation for entrance into a specific country, allowing travel for a set maximum period of time within that country’s border. Without a visa many countries will simply refuse entry or an airline may deny you boarding.

Getting a visa can be time consuming, expensive and problematic. We’re here to take the hassle out of getting travel visas. Whatever the purpose of your travel, we’ll take care of the bureaucracy so you can sit back and get on with more pressing matters.

As a general rule you require a minimum of six (6) months validity on your passport at the end date of your visa, meaning the time you return home. You also need to have one (1) completely blank page in your passport, in some cases two (2).

It is possible to get your visas without our help. But for many visas, getting your application processed means a minimum of two trips to each Embassy to have a visa processed. Often Embassy websites have incorrect information on them, so it can turn into and time consuming and costly exercise. The extra work, expense and delays make it cheaper and more convenient to use us.


The United States allows entry to 38 different nationalities including Australians and is compulsory and is valid for two (2) years. Your visa waiver can be obtained through this link, confirmation should be instantaneous.


Similarly, to enter Canada you also need to register online for your visa. This can be done through the following link and is valid for five (5) years: